We offer a wide range of customizable services, all designed with your relaxation and wellbeing in mind.

Foot Reflexology – 1 Hour: $35or 1/2 Hour: $25
A Chinese-style acupressure massage for your feet (45 minutes), plus head, neck, shoulder, and arm massage (15 minutes). Includes a warm foot soak.

Combination Foot Reflexology – 75 minutes: $50
A Chinese-style acupressure massage for your feet (35 minutes), plus head, neck, shoulder, leg, and arm massage (40 minutes). Includes a warm foot soak.

NEW! Store Special60 minute Super Combination Foot Reflexology

Super Combination Half Hour Feet Half Half Hour Back with free Hot stone treatment on your Feet! Only$45

Super Combination Foot Massage – 1 Hour: $45
Half hour of Chinese style reflexology and half hour of deep Chinese massage for your back. Includes a warm foot soak.

Full Body Deep Chinese Massage (with clothes)
– 1 Hour: $55
– 30 minutes: $35
This deep massage involves stretching, kneading and pushing the muscles, stimulating the body to release more hormones to reduce stress and improve circulation.

Additional Services

Herbal Body Detox Steam Treatment –One dollar one Minute
We use hot steam to diffuse a detoxifying blend of herbs to clear your head and sooth aching muscles.

Paraffin Wax Hand or Foot Treatment – $10 each (2 hands or 2 feet)
Paraffin softens your skin and opens pores, removing dead skin and leaving your hands and feet smooth and soft. A great addition to any massage treatment!

Hot Stone Treatment for Feet – $10
Round, smooth stones are heated to luxurious warmth, oiled, and used in the palm of the hands to massage the feet.

Cupping – $15
When heated cups are placed on the skin, they create a vacuum, drawing blood to the surface of the skin and promoting circulation while helping to remove toxins from the system.

Min’s Special Therapeutic Treatment – $80 per hour
If you’re in need of a more intense treatment option to relieve pain from repetitive motion injuries, sports strains, and more, speak to Min about her massage therapy treatments. Using a combination of deep pressure and Chinese energy/meridian work, Min has achieved great success in increasing range of motion and reducing pain and inflammation, even helping clients avoid invasive treatments and surgery.
Please note: this treatment is not intended for relaxation and you may experience bruising and soreness in the days following your treatment before pain resolves.


We love providing you with exceptional services at a great value! Please show your appreciation by leaving gratuity for your masseuse. We suggest leaving $15-$20 for an hourlong treatment.

We hope you love your services but if you had a less than perfect experience, please tell us so we can make it right!

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the services menu at your location to confirm pricing.